TaraBond is a water resistance natural starch addtive, obtained from extracted substances of wood. TaraBond is specifically developed to be used as a natural starch additive to provide high water resistance properties when applied to corrugated cardboard, to give good bonding especially for high speed corrugator.Being the universal natural starch addtive for the cardboard industry, it can be added without changing your own formula , nevertheless, it could offer adhesive with both high bonding and good water resistance. Besides,TaraBond is an additive to improve the green bond, it means that the additive helps to take the water out from the adhesive while it is running on the machine.

Scientifically talking, the water has a very important role in the adhesive:

1-water is the carrier to transport the raw satarch from the kitchen or the storage tanks to the papers

2-water is needed to produce the gelatinization process of the raw starch

3-water helps to wet the papers and so, helps the adhesive to penetrate into the papers

Once the glue is on the papers some effects occurs like:

1- water wet the papers

2-adhesive penetrate into the papers

3-the papers goes into the hot plates where some others effects ocurs on the adhesive

a)adhesive increase its temperature

b)adhesive increase its viscosity dramatically because the raw starch start to gel

c) as much time the papers are into the hot plates, more raw starch become in gel, till all raw starch is already gel,  in this point many water molecules are between gel satrch molecules, but to get a dry cardboard or hard cardboard, is needed to take out most of this water.

d)Finally, to take these water molecules out, is needed to use some energy from the hot plates just to take out the water from the starch molecules and by this way these water molecules are free to evaporate from the cardboards.

e)How TaraBond works

As TaraBond has much more affinity for the gel starch molecules than the water molecules, so, TaraBond goes between gel starch molecules leaving the water molecules free just to evaporate. As you can see, using KimyaBond is not needed an extra hot in the hot plates and for this reason the extra hot can be used just to evaporate water, (not to take the water out from the starch molecules), and this is the reason the machine can run faster.


Anyhow, TaraBond could offer adhesive with its super bonding and fast drying properties, which as a result,leading to a perfect machine speed enhancing and tremendous application decrease.




As a natural tannin product, TaraBond has good natural tacky which will not affect the final adhesive but on the contrary, increase its bonding capability. It could run the machine 15-20% faster then before. Base on TaraBond’s high bonding capacity, allows machine to run at lower application: since they are almost 80% of water in the glue applied to the paper, and more water means more soft cardboard, therefore, by reducing the application, mean less glue on the paper, you can get higher hardness and tensile strength in the final board as TaraBond could enable the machine to reduce at least 30-50% application.


Eco-friendly WATERPROOF CARDBOARD=Tannin acid+formaldehyde


TaraBond by reacting with formaldehyde can produce the waterproof cardboard( the glue waterproof),to make cardboard in compliance with FEFCO n°9 test and LINK test and etc. waterproof standards, the test result is: for high grammage paper cardboard is 24 hours without delaminating in general , but it various between 10-24 hrs depends on different type of cardboard.While cardboard without TaraBond+formaldehyde, will delaminate in very short time when going through above tests! Since TaraBond contains tannin acid of polyphenol structure(flavonoid) that can react fully with formaldehyde(HCHO) to exhaust completely the formaldehyde that added into the adhesive, thus making final cardboard ZERO formaldehyde and any kind of its drivatives and precursor .Therefore,with TaraBond can be obtained corrugated cardboard with excellent resistance to moisture, especially for boxes ,going to be subjected to extreme conditions of high humidity, as in the case of cold rooms, it will offer box with excellent compression strength.



Important points:

1.To produce high waterproof cardboard, we recommended dosage of formaldehyde to be 10% of the weight of KimyaBond( but if TaraBond is lower than 10 kg, the formaldehyde shall always be 1 kg), then stir 5 minutes.

2.TaraBond is compatible with any of the adhesive, no specail facilities or treatment is required and can be used the same as other additives.

3.due to TaraBond can fasten the drying of the adhesive, therefore, it is important to increase the machine speed to avoid the glue from being over cooked or a fragile cardboard.

4.cardboard store after24 hrs can get the best physical performance like edge/flat crush tests, etc.


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